Candidates for Ohio Board of  Education, 2006
OBOE races are non-partisan. Our recommendations below are for the 5 Districts electing representatives Nov 7, 2006. For more information see www.ohiohope.org
District 4:   G.R. "Sam" Schloemer
District 7:                     Tom Sawyer
District 8:                       Deb Cain
District 2: John Bender
District 3:              Uphoff or Gunlock
since Aug 17, 2006
Candidate for Ohio Governor, 2006
  Ted Strickland
Ted Strickland's practical and innovative views on the importance of early childhood education to Ohio's economy are a breath of fresh air in a state sorely in need of sound economic leadership.
His opponent, Ken Blackwell, has indicated he would stop funding public schools directly and go to an all-voucher system, and that he wants Ohio's public schools to teach "intelligent-design" creationism.
For our future...  
Candidate for Ohio Senate District 13
  Martha Wise
Wise's opponent, Sue Morano, is not on record as either pro- or anti-science, whereas Martha has the strongest pro-science record of any politician in the state.
District 7 candidate, Dave Kovacs  also take a largely pro-science perspective: website. Incumbent Deborah Owens Fink has been the driving force of the anti-science bloc on the current board.
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